Welcome to my little world. I’m so glad you’ve popped by.

It has taken me a while to work up the courage and publish my work. I’m passionate about writing, I’m passionate about photography and I’m passionate about people. My hope is to share a little of what I do and hope it reaches your heart and that some of what I have to share encourages you.

The purpose of my blog is to remind you that you are important. My journey may not look like your journey but that doesn’t make either of us less significant than the other.

It is such a busy world and it’s hard to know where we fit in and if we even matter. It’s difficult not to compare ourselves to the highlights of others but believe me when I say, your own race is difficult enough – don’t covet the race of another person.

You are loved, you are cherished, you have not been forgotten. This leads me to my greatest passion. Jesus. You will read throughout my work that Jesus is key to my life. He is the air that I breathe and the pillar of strength that holds me up.

My biggest hope is that through my work, you can see how much God loves you.

Lots of love and God bless,