Starting something new is always nerve wrecking. What am I thinking, stepping out of my comfort zone? If I knew what a midlife crisis was, I may even attribute it to such an event but I don’t think that’s it.

So I won’t step too far out into this something new: there are things in my life where I want to reconcile my past, my present and what I want for my future so I’m going to share with you part of a conversation I had with a good friend of mine a long time ago about the most important individual in my life, that has been there, is here now and will always be with me.

– If God’s real, why should He give a damn whether we believe in Him and why reward us?

Here’s what I think…

God has given us the greatest gift of all. Love.

He loves us, He taught us to love, He allows us to love and He encourages us to love.

When we love, there is nothing that is difficult, stupid, ridiculous, or impossible.

With love, we feel pride for a job well done, we feel excitement for a new achievement, we feel despair when someone we know is hurting. When we love we want to better ourselves and help others.

Now, don’t ask me to give you a right answer as to why God loves us, sees us worthy of salvation and moves the heavens for us.

We are just extremely fortunate to have a father who loves us so deeply and without reserve.

And that is what He is: a father.

Proverbs 10:1 says “a wise child brings joy to his father.”

He created us and despite all the misery and heartache we seem to bring, there are also good qualities that shine through. The qualities He has bestowed upon us:













Patience and so forth

My argument could go on, but I’m not aiming to argue or change your mind. I’m merely showing you a little more about what we have on offer in our lives.

Personally, I like the idea that no matter how undeserving I may be, there is someone out there that loves me no matter what. And for Him, I am more than willing to move mountains.

Believing and having Faith in God isn’t a chore. It’s a blessing. He created us and wants to bring us back to His side, where He originally wanted us to be. Yes, we walked away, yes, we let Him down but He’s giving us numerous chances to go back to Him and those opportunities will not stop until our very last breath. And even then, maybe we’ll get another.

There is nothing wrong with loving something or someone regardless of what they can and cannot do.

Say you like working with animals. Wouldn’t you feel that joy when you’ve spent all this time grooming, rearing and helping a young animal? They won’t really go out of their way to show you their gratitude, but watching them grow and stay healthy, become its own asserted creature. It’s something to be proud of.

And God is proud of us.

All He is asking from us is that we love. Love Him. Love ourselves. Love others. When we love, then we realise all those little rules and words of wisdom that are in the Bible, are not so hard to follow and mostly, they make a lot of sense.

When we love someone we don’t want to hurt, lie, cheat, kill or destroy them.

As a friend and someone who both cherishes you and loves you very much, I am telling you this because I want you to understand how much you mean to us.

I believe you deserve to be loved. Even if you can’t see or hear us, it doesn’t make it any less true and it’s not because of anything that you do, it’s just because you are you.

– I think that a nice quiet life with some sort of afterlife – so you don’t end up thrown to the dogs of oblivion – is fine. Although if there is one I’ll probably end up in hell and deserve it.

That’s the point, we screwed ourselves from the start, with Adam and Eve creating the first sin. Disobedience. Wanting to be better outside of God. Yet He fought for us because we are not meant to exist without Him.

It’s a roller-coaster of trials and errors: Natural disasters, wars, human pettiness.

But God sent us one more miracle that said: yes, you’re not worthy and yes, you’ve fucked up major time but I give you my son, my blood, my spirit because I still love you and I still want you by my side.

All we have to do is believe and love. Everything else falls into place once you got the first two.

Oh and wisdom. Learning from one’s mistakes. You know something isn’t right, in God’s eyes, in your heart. You try to keep from doing it again but don’t try and overcome failure by not doing it again, overcome it by replacing that with something stronger. And you can’t get anything stronger than God’s love for you.

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