“I would say you had the manners of a pig if it wasn’t insulting to the pig.”

Manners have died a sad, sad death. They say that chivalry has died but I propose that it isn’t just men that have lost their social graces. People don’t say please and thank you, the young don’t respect the old and the elderly don’t show dignity in their bearing.

We can’t see past ourselves, noses stuck in our gadgets and walking around this world like it owes us something. Bags take precedence and seats over tired people in our trains and it’s too difficult to shuffle down the bus aisle so one more person can get to work.

My own manners go out the window when I’m confronted with rudeness and although I have grown up a little and no longer get visible indignant and agitated, icy politeness does go a long way to prove my less than impressed disposition.

I would like to think that I hold my tongue more often than not but it isn’t so and there are times when I am moved to step up and educate the poor soul who clearly has had a lamentable upbringing.

In saying this, I do believe that shying away from disruptive and rude behaviour isn’t an option. The method used to correct such conduct, however, is and bad manners shouldn’t be met with negative correction. Those of us who know better should take our time to demonstrate compassion and inspire others with gentle correction and loving discipline. We need to let those individuals know that the behaviour of choice, which is destructive to others and themselves, is not acceptable and not condoned but it doesn’t take away from who they can be – who we see them as – and who they are is who we are: children of God. I couldn’t call myself a daughter of the King of Kings otherwise.

We are a royal priesthood and thus, we should behave accordingly.

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