The Welcoming Committee 

Sundays are the welcoming committee.

Sunday isn’t about deep religion, it’s about getting the one through the doors so that they can see Jesus through the Church, the community that points back to Him. We are that Church.

If you want deep theology join Evening College, Groups, Teams or a online course; do something yourself to become active in all areas of the Church. You’re no longer the passive recipient that walked through the doors for the first time. You’re a child of God and if you want a relationship with Him, you need to do something about it, not wait for someone else to do it for you.

I often hear people say “the church should do this and the church should do that…” they’re correct, you are correct. One little thing you’ve forgotten: You are the Church. So, get to doing. Do something, be creative, make a change, be the change but stop being passive and blaming everyone else for your lack of initiative.

There are plenty of people that have walked through the doors of a building and encountered Christ and His Church. They also became part of His Church. They didn’t do it by sitting in the background bitching and moaning about what the Church isn’t doing and what the Church should be doing. They got busy doing what the Church was doing and helping the Church do more.

The people of this world got the message. If you want to make a difference, be that difference. God started the movement Himself, He got creating and moving and giving life. He didn’t sit back and groan “Oh why isn’t the sky and water diving? Where are the fish of the sea?”

God is an active God and if you want to have a relationship with Him and His Church, you need to be an active follower of Christ.

And if that’s too difficult, take small steps such as saying hello to your fellow neighbour in the back pew of the congregation, hiding from activity… or hold your tongue.

God created seven days in the week. Sundays are for stretching out your arms and loving on your fellow neighbours, new or old Christ followers alike. If you want more than a happy-clappy Sunday, there are six other days in the week for you to get stuck in living like the child of God you are.

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