Saying No

My last entry was about the curve ball I got over my passport and consequential affect it has on my trip to Kenya.

I’ve been back and forth in the last few days trying to sort things out and the offices have tried to find solutions so that I make the trip.

The results are in God’s hands and I’m trusting His answer. So far, the answer has been “no”.

“No”  is just a small word yet such a difficult one.

We don’t like being told ‘no’. We don’t like saying it either. In our current culture, everything should be so easy and assessable and politically correct. No is a hard pill to swallow to the point that we’re throwing tantrums, complaints and lawsuits.

Isn’t that the motto nowadays? “The customer is always right?”

Where has that got us so far?

Parents are divided into nice and mean

Children have no structure or foundations

The economy is plummeting

Attributes such as loyalty, honour and respect are rare.

I could go on but I figure I’ll be here a while.

So, in the face of potentially postponing my trip to Kenya or cancelling altogether for this year, I am relishing God’s no. These past few days have been a collective of moments with tears, discussions, lessons learned, outreach to and from friends, quiet moments and refocus.

Ultimately, I believe in Jesus Christ. He loves me so much He died for me. He loves me so much He has given me His Holy Spirit to help me navigate the world we live in. Confusing and heartbreaking as it is. I have been humbled, shattered into pieces and rebuilt with loving hands of The God whom has done above and beyond anything I can possible replicate, repay or understand.

So if my Father is saying no, and trust me it is God that’s making the ultimate decisions here, then I am going to listen.

Maybe I’ll get to find out why, maybe He’ll never let me find out the reason that this time I got a “no” but it doesn’t matter in the short or long run. He knows best. I trust that.

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