We’ve had a Jewish speaker in our Evening College class and she said that when she first came to Christ, she read a scripture that she couldn’t get out of her mind… like a pebble in your shoe that you can’t shake off.

The analogy makes me smile because it is something we can all relate to. Something that is relevant in our lives.

Regret is like a pebble in our shoe. We continue living life, some more successfully than others, that is true – but regret lurks in the shadows of our consciousness, ready to strike when we’re down and out for the count.

Regret keeps us up at night and shakes our very core. It sucks away at our joy and weakens our resolve. Regret is that ugly reminder, that tangiable scar that we carry, weighing us down with the heaviness of its truth. We lose our breath and the tears blinds us ruthlessly.

Regret lets us know we are not perfect. We’re not. We’re far from it.

Regret is that pebble in our shoe that we shake and shake and shake out but can’t quite get rid of it.

Regret breaks our heart over and over again. It whispers in our dreams reminders of our failures. It sings the grandness of our foolishness.

Regret robs us of our hope and starves us of our dreams. It ties us down in our past and sinks our future.

Regret is not a pebble we need to keep.

One thought on “Pebbles in your shoe

  1. I particularly like this article. I have just jumped, like you suggest here, and it works. I saw you jump that waterfall…you were awesome. Just jump Kris. You’ve got this and we’ve got you girl.


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